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Generous Groove Productions

Generous Groove Productions is located in Springfield, MO and specializes in remote drum & percussion tracks. We’re also a full fledged audio production enterprise with access to an incredible talent pool of players and singers. Serving clients worldwide since 2003.


Tools of the trade

Instruments & Recording Gear

  • Gretsch New Classic drums

  • Gretsch Renown Bop kit

  • Assorted Gretsch snare drums

  • 1945 Radio King snare drum

  • Zildjian K, A Custom & Kerope cymbals

  • LP Congas & Bongos

  • Assorted percussion instruments

  • UA Apollo 8p (x2)

  • UAD-2 Satellite

  • SLS Monitors

  • Logic Pro

  • UA LUNA recording system

  • Assorted sample libraries

  • AKG D112

  • Shure SM 7b

  • Sennheiser 421 (x4)

  • Shure BETA 91A

  • AKG 451C

  • Telefunken M60 stereo pair

  • Rode K2

  • Avantone CK-40 stereo LDC

  • Avantone CR-14 ribbon mic (x2)

  • Shure SM 57 (x2)

Image by Caleb George

Contact Us

1301 S. Jefferson Ave. Springfield, MO 65807


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